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Last Place Formula 1
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The Rules

Playing the Game

  1. Objectives
    a) The object of the game is to score and accrue points in a league by predicting the last-placed driver in each FIA Formula-1 Grand Prix.
    b) The game is free to play and has no cash reward.
  2. Betting
    a) You place your bet using the betting page to select the driver that you think will be placed last, based on the official FIA race results, which can usually be found on the official Formula-1 site here.
    b) In the context of the game, being placed last is defined as the last driver to be classified by the FIA, using either the 90% rule, or if the race is stopped early, the race order at the the end of the lap two laps prior to the race being stopped, as explained here.
    c) You may change your bet as many times as you like, from when the betting opens (which will be notified by email), up to shortly before the start of the race when the betting will lock automatically.
    d) More than one person may bet on the same driver.
  3. Scoring
    a) After each Grand Prix race, drivers are allocated points in a manner similar to the FIA race points system, but based on proximity to the last ranked driver;
    thus, the last driver deemed to have completed the race will be allocated 25 points,
    then the driver who finished before him gets 18 points,
    then the driver after (if any) gets 15, then 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 1 awarded alternately before and after.
    If there are no more drivers after, then remaining points are successively awarded to those drivers before the last-placed entry.
    b) Provided 10 or more drivers finish, then all points will be allocated based on the proximity to the last-placed driver.
    c) Players then each receive the points allocated to their chosen driver, irrespective of how many players bet on that driver.
    d) If no-one bet on a driver, then his points are not allocated or apportioned but instead deemed to be lost.
    e) Points cannot be transferred between players.
  4. League
    a) Points are accrued by each player in a league throughout the year.
    b) The person with the most points at the end of the season is the overall winner of the league and thereby winner of the game for that season.
    c) In the event of two or more players achieving the same score at the end of the season then they shall be deemed joint winners.
  5. Force Majeure
    a) In the event of the FIA subsequently re-arranging the result of a race (for example, after applying post-race penalties), then those changes will be updated and reflected in the league result, provided betting on the next race has not yet opened.
    b) In the event of a driver being substituted between betting starting and the race, then bets placed on that driver will be applied to his replacement.
    c) Where a team chooses not to race one or more of its cars, normally announced before Race Day, then those cars are not eligible to score points and bets placed on those cars will be void.
    d) If a car fails to start a race or is otherwise labelled by the FIA as “Did Not Start”, then no points will be allocated to that car.
  6. Interpretation
    a) In any case of doubt or argument over the rules, their interpretation, or anything else, then the "Steering Committee" shall have absolute and final say, just like the FIA.
    b) The "Steering Committee" shall consist of the Organiser and the winner of the previous season's league (honoris causa), or in their absence, any prior league winner(s) that the Organiser wishes to consult.
    c) There is no right of appeal.

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Terms of Service

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